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Revolutionary dimmer / dimmable driver

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Revolutionary dimmer / dimmable driver


Already  applied international patent, available for sale or co-produce.

 (Triac dimming + 0-10v dimming+Switch dimming + car’s volume switch dimming) 4-in-1 Driving Series! Easy to use and not expensive dimming.


1.    Product application:











 Rotary encoder switch dimmer / dimmable driver

-----Different from PWM/0-10/DALI or resistor dimming method.

¤Good handfeel like car’s volume switch and long lifetime

¤With memorized function

¤Multi-function like on-off, fast-slow diming, timing off

¤only with two connecting wire, less than 0-10v dimmer

¤Can control more luminare than resistor dimmer

¤Good handfeel than touch control, easy operating

¤Smooth dimming from 1-100% without flicker

¤Lower cost than PWM/0-10/DALI/resistor dimmer


SW Dimming

Dimmable driver with Switch ----with Memory function, only use normal on-off switch to realize dimming function.


With memorized function, working from the last saved power

Use normal on-off switch to realize dimming function without changing the switch or connecting method

Use ST and TI IC, smooth dimming from 1% to 100%

2.    Features are as follows

   High efficiency 89%, high PF(>0.95) and low THD

Using imported IC and semi-conductor, Japan Rubycon, high quality and reliability;

Several protection OVP/OTP/OVLO/TSP, Safe and reliable output;

Input Voltage90-265Vac/180-240VacTRIAC Dimming ONLY

3.Product picture





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